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AML Policy

AML : Anti Money Laundering

As a worldwide Online Broker of ad Space and Traffic Impressions company, Model Farming Limited.COM is fully committed to conducting due diligence on our clients and ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations essential to forestall relevant money laundering adhere too. Model Farming Limited.COM due diligence includes confirming the identity of our affiliate through :

Government-issued photo ID
Proof of residential or business address
Corporate documentation
Business registration information
Any other applicable documentation

When capturing affiliate ID, we will accept a passport or other government-issued photo and the most recent proof of address (e.g. Utility bill, bank statement mailed within the last 3 months with the residential address, etc.) We capture the affiliate ID in two locations. When a member initiates a liquidation request and when affiliate requests a Model Farming Limited prepaid card. Affiliate ID is captured using an image tool that uploads the image within the affiliate back office. This file is stored with the affiliate' record.

Model Farming Limited.COM stores scanned documents received from its affiliate in a bit shifted format. This format is not stored on the file system, but in the database in an ambiguously named table. Model Farming Limited takes this precaution to protect affiliate' personal information in a safe and controlled manner.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to conduct further due diligence on all clients given world-wide approved risk-based policies. Please note that Model Farming Limited.COM reserves the right to refuse a transaction or deny operation of a member or his/her account at any time should suspicion arise that it may be connected to money laundering, criminal activity or any other offence related to or including money laundering.

Our financial partner understands Model Farming Limited.COM must know who their customers are and provide adequate information to the company. Our financial partner has an established protocol where they process our customer information into further detail such as customer name, source of money being transmitted as well as proper identification (passport, driver's license, etc.)

If Model Farming Limited.COM receives, during its request for documentation, deceptive documentation, contact details, business descriptions or other false information, Model Farming Limited will take the necessary precautions to deal with offending affiliate and their accounts. Modelfarming.COM has the right to report such crimes to the relevant authorities, and as such, the person(s) and/or business and its owners may be the subject to a criminal investigation. ModelFarming.com will not enter into any business arrangement with any person or group suspected of directly or indirectly money laundering, or where funds have been sources or ends of an illegal activity.