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Frequently Asked Questions
Model Farming Limited is an organic farming and agricultural company that operates in a variety of agricultural and farming businesses.
Model Farming is also the world's first agricultural business to use blockchain technology.
The company was founded in 2006, but it was an offline platform, with all operations and functionalities carried out offline; however, it went officially online on June 11, 2021.
Model Farming is incorporated in the United Kingdom, and it has recently been registered in the United States of America and New Zealand.
The company is involved in agriculture activities and other farming services. This enables the company to generate both active and passive income, allowing investors to profit on a daily basis.
The company ensures that its agronomist manages all funds in a way that benefits the company, the investors, and the farming industry as a whole.
The financial department manages all funds and will take good care of fund management under the supervision of the CFO.
They are in charge of allocating funds and determining profits for capital investments in future model farming projects.
No, your funds are stored in a highly encrypted system and processed with the responsibility to produce a profit. There is no chance of losing even a single penny.
On the website, Live Chat Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also raise a support ticket from your profile or contact our WhatsApp Support Group @ +447577345853.
If you have an offered referral link. simply click on it to create an account for yourself. To invest, you can use one of the payment methods provided by the company to fund the account and make an investment. If you do not have a referral link, please contact the support team and request one. When you receive it, you must follow the same procedure as described above.
You can create any crypto wallet like Paxful, Localbitcoins, Binance, and can buy it from the local exchanger available in the respective application. Every day buy and sell values change, so we can't confirm any fixed value for your buying and selling.
[Please keep in mind that we do not verify your local exchanger. In the event of a loss with the exchanger, the company takes no responsibility.]
All major cryptocurrencies and perfect money can be used to make an investment. All of the payment methods that we accept are listed on our deposit page.
Yes, multiple packages can be purchased in the same account. Each investment plan or investment package will have its own maturity contract period.
Yes, you can create an infinite number of accounts using the same email address. We'd love to see you grow for the better.
The minimum investment is $100 and the maximum investment in a package is $500,000.
Each package that an investor activates in the company is valid for 150 days.
The daily ROI (Returns on Investment) will be credited automatically in the account as per the UK server time 00:00.
The ROI is calculated based on the user's investment plan. The ROI varies depending on the investment plan. The ROI for each investment plan varies depending on the investment plan.
Step 1 : Ensure that you are a registered user.
Step 2 : Access your dashboard.
Step 3 : Click on Deposit.
Step 4 : Choose a payment option (Perfect Money or Coin Payment).
Step 5 : Click on "Add Funds."
A) If You've Got Perfect Money
Enter The Amount You Choose To Invest and click on "Pay Now." Proceed to Pay.
(If you invest through PM, Your amount will be credited within 30 minutes)
B) If Coin Payment.
Enter the amount you chose to invest and click "Purchase Now."
Select The Coin And Fill In The Details.
To finish the checkout, click "Complete Checkout."
(If you invest through cryptocurrency, your funds will be credited within 2-3 hours).
Your funds have been successfully deposited in your MFL Wallet.
After you make a deposit, you will be able to see your deposited funds in your MFL Wallet. The further steps are :
Step 1 : Go to Investment and click Invest. Alternatively, from your dashboard's homepage, select Invest.
Step 2 : Choose the package that you wish to activate.
in the company.
Step 3 : Click on "Invest Now." Enter the amount that you wish to invest and select the wallet.
Step 4 : Using MFL Wallet, you can invest your deposited funds.
Step 5 : You can reinvest your earnings by transferring them to I Wallet.
and you can reinvest through I Wallet.
Manual investment is the process of depositing your funds outside of the system. You just have to contact the support team and ask for the manual wallet address of the crypto that you wish to deposit your funds with. As you transfer the funds, you just have to update the support team once and provide a screenshot of the transaction or hash address. As soon as your transaction is confirmed, your account will be activated with the funds. that you send or transfer.
Usually, it is credited within 30 minutes. In the case of low transaction fees and high-rate, It may take up to 12 hours depending on the server block queue.
Compounding/Reinvestment is an additional "0.25%" profit for your reinvestment. Reinvestment is the process of reinvesting your earnings. For every single reinvestment from the earnings, you will get an additional 0.25% daily profit.
No, the initial investment is not repaid. The capital is returned in the ROI over time.
You can check your account balance as well as your respective earnings in your user dashboard.
One needs to contact the support team. (You can contact the support team on WhatsApp or Live Chat).
Log into your dashboard. Click on "profile" in the top right corner and click "change password."
Go to your profile. There you will see "Change Password." Click on it, enter the old and the new.
When you click Send OTP, an OTP will be sent to your registered email address.
Enter the OTP in the given section and click Submit.
You can simply click on "forgot password." An email will be sent to your registered email address.
email address to change the password and do the needful.
Yes, you can change your transaction pin.
Step 1 : Log into your dashboard, go to profile, and you will see "Change Transaction Pin."
Step 2 : Through there, you will be able to change your transaction pin.
If you forget your transaction pin, you just have to contact the support team and ask for help. The support team will send you the transaction pin.
Once you do this, you will receive an email from the company containing your credentials.
(password and transaction pin).
MFL Wallet is a wallet where the funds will be credited after you have successfully deposited your funds.
I Wallet is a wallet used for fund transfers as well as to reinvest earnings.
ROI Wallet is a wallet where your daily ROI will be credited.
Bonus Wallet is where your Referral commission, Binary Commission and rewards are credited.
No, you cannot change your account's sponsor.
Yes, in order to place a withdrawal, an investor needs to be KYC verified.
To update your KYC,
Step 1 : Log into your dashboard.
Step 2 : Go to Profile, Go to KYC Information.
Step 3 : You need to update 3 Images.
i) A valid Identity Proof.
ii) A proof of address
iii) A picture of you.
Step 4 : Update all these details, enter your transaction pin and click on update.
ROI Profit Withdrawals are made on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month until your package is no longer active.
Bonus (Referral & Binary Commission) Withdrawals are every Saturday.
The minimum withdrawal is $20, and the withdrawal fees/charges applicable to each withdrawal are 8%.
On the day of the withdrawal, simply login to your dashboard, navigate to withdrawal, and click "request withdrawal." You'll be taken to the withdrawal page.
Step 1 : Enter the amount you would like to withdraw.
Step 1 : Enter your transaction pin after selecting Wallet (ROI Wallet/Bonus Wallet).
Step 1 : Fill in these details and then click Send OTP.
Step 1 : Click "Submit" after entering the OTP that was sent to your registered email address.
Your withdrawal request will be processed successfully.
Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of making the request.
Investors can choose between two franchise opportunities. The Business Franchise costs $30000 USD, while the Corporate Franchise costs $125000 USD.
A Business Franchise holder will earn 2% more referral income from total direct referrals, while a Corporate Franchise holder will earn 4% more referral income from total direct referrals.
Once a franchise investment is made, the country's user ID and username are assigned. When someone chooses and invests in your franchise, the franchise owner is rewarded a franchise commission.
When an investor invests in a package, the franchise income is immediately credited.
The franchise earnings will be deposited into your Bonus Wallet.
1) Your names will be listed on the website.
2) Direct communication with Sales and Support Heads
3) You, receive a 2% commission on every investment made by your direct and indirect downline.
4) Every seminar and conference you organize have the potential to earn you 10% cashback.
You receive a 4% commission on all direct and indirect downline investments.
The promotional tools will be provided to you in your regional language.
You will serve as the company's legal advisor in your country.
The website will feature your name.